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Canterbury College

Canterbury College QLD Events Centre

Canterbury College is an independent, co-educational, College affiliated with the Anglican Church of Australia. The campus is located on 32 hectares in Waterford in the Logan District on the south-side of Bri

sbane.  The College has an extremely strong Performing Arts Program and is pro sports, hence their Canterbury Events Centre caters to both disciplines. The footprint of the building is 75m x 45m with a stage size approximately 24m x 12m plus wing space and side of stage areas … which is impressive, to say the least.  In full seating mode the centre can host 2000 people.

PLS were consulted early on in the project and were able to assist the College in developing realistic long-term plans to implement a full theatrical fitout over a number of years, addressing infrastructure requirements for power, rigging, cabling, etc. and ambitious goals for the venue’s ongoing use. 

“The Events Centre is used for many presentation style events, such as Annual Excellence Awards for Senior, Middle and Junior School campuses, plus Full-Scale Musical events, such as their Bi-Annual Stage Musical (Beauty and the Beast &  Godspell being recent productions), Talent Showcases and such,” commented Noel Martin, Managing Director.

With the assistance of the JBL EASE system drawings and calculations, PLS were able to recommend with confidence the JBL VRX900 Series powered line array consisting of eight VRX932LAP and four VRX918SP.  “We have installed a number of the VRX 932 unpowered versions, and decided to run with the powered 932 mid high boxes four per side and the two 918 powered subs,” Noel commented. “They are an easy box to fly and point and client is extremely happy with the clarity and coverage of the system.  The low weight of the boxes was also critical as there were issues with engineering restrictions. Three JBL AE Compact AC29/95 boxes provide rear delay powered by a Crown XLS2500 amplifier.  

We also installed a DBX 4800 digital audio processor,” continued Noel, ‘which has many excellent features.  The LAN control is great for diagnostics and mid show changes.”  Added to that was a Lexicon MX300 digital effects unit, and for foldback, JBL EON510 powered wedges which provide low-profile, compact solutions both for Foldback and other events around the College. 

For audio control, a 32 Channel Soundcraft LX7 MkII console was originally installed, coupled with a Roland Digital Multicore for easy upgrade and/or swap-out to digital.  Subsequently a Roland 400 V-Mixer was introduced for high-profile events, and the members of the College Tech Crew now enjoy training both on digital and analog control systems. 

“The College’s bi-annual Musical Productions are generally on a pretty massive Disney-type scale and this is where the Digital V-Mixer comes into it’s own, coping with a live orchestra and a full compliment of wireless headset microphones for the leads and chorus”, explained Noel.  “The audio system is complimented by a selection of Shure Wireless and Cabled Microphones, and an over-stage choir microphone grid with Audio-Technica Unipoint microphones.  For backstage comms, an Ezicom 4-Channel Master Station with Ezicom Beltpacks and Beyer Headsets provide reliable, easy to use solutions”.

Early stages of the installation included Audio-Visual Presentation solutions, incorporating two Mitsubishi Venue Projectors and electronic 200” Da-lite Projection Surfaces left and right of the proscenium arch, along with two slightly smaller systems left and right mid-way back in the auditorium; a Kramer VP-747 Pro-scale Presentation switcher bringing the package together to provide great viewing options over the large auditorium seating area. 

An impressive stage lighting set-up has been developed over a number of years, commencing with thirty Spotlight Combi 1200w PCs, eighteen Spotlight Combi 1200w Fresnels, and four ETC Source Four Zoom Profiles, colour washes being complimented by a selection of ProShop LED Cans.  Professional polish has been added to the rig with Martin 350 Entour Moving Lights and Selecon P1 LED Cyclorama Fixtures, providing endless colour wash options and fantastic coverage to the very large, purpose-built cyclorama wall, for great visual impact.   An ETC Smartfade ML was the control console of choice early on in the project.

However, in 2013, with the College looking to expand on it’s already significant Audio-visual capabilities, PLS introduced High End Systems DLV Digital Moving Lights incorporating Projectors, controlled via the Jands i3 / Vista Digital Lighting Control Solution, to provide fabulously versatile edge blended imagery to the cyclorama wall.  The results were absolutely breath-taking!  “The College has a proud history in musical performance” explained Noel, ”and they have been absolutely blown away by the amazing effects and professional standards they have achieved in this new venue”.

A full compliment of Stage Curtains has also been installed, including Verdi Velvet FOH Tabs, Black Wool Intermediate Tabs, Legs & Sky Borders.  Having successfully used Jands curtain track and motor systems in other projects, Noel didn’t hesitate to do the same at Canterbury College.  “We have installed two large tracks almost 22 metre wide for FOH and Intermediate tabs,” he said. “The curtain motor kits come with just about everything you need to get the install underway, and we find if there are any tech difficulties or enquires that the additional support from Jands is excellent.” 


Canterbury College Soundcraft LX7 MkII, Lexicon MX300     Canterbury College Spotlight Combis

Canterbury College Jands WM Patch and Dimmers     Canterbury College Events Centre Stage