Paintable Acoustic Panels  


Our client wanted to dampen the acoustics in their Meeting / Conference Room, which has all hard, reflective surfaces, making the room noisy for group meeting applications. This was achieved “in style” by providing a modest quantity of easy-to-install Paintable Acoustic Panels.

These innovative paintable acoustic panels have a textured latex surface that is porous and breathable. They come in basic white, allowing them to be painted to compliment existing décor or in our client's case, to showcase the talent of well-known local artist, Don Waters.  Painting the panels using a thin layer of paint does not affect acoustic performance.  



Panels are made of high performance 6lb glass wool and have a class A/1 Fire Rating for safe use in any venue. They are fully encapsulated by woven fibreglass mesh and feature resin hardened edges to create an appealing look.  A variety of sizes are available, making them perfect for all venues, including houses of worship, home theatres, schools, theatre venues, conference rooms, restaurants, recording studios, board rooms and more.

The installation system is extremely simple utilising small metal brackets that embed in the rear of the panel. Damage to the underlying building surface is truly minimal, making it easy to change panel positioning. We would suggest starting with a modest quantity, adding more panels over time until the desired level of acoustic dampening is achieved. It is surprising what a bit difference a small amount of panels can make. A very worthwhile investment.