Technical Design of Infrastructure & Systems for Stage and Studio  is a highly specialised field, particularly in the current climate of ever-changing technology. 

So having the assistance of a Performance Space Specialist with over 25 years of hands-on experience, including in-depth knowledge of industry standards and safety requirements, is invaluable in both the planning and implementation stages of a project.  

Our experienced PLS Team can assist with -

  • System Design to suit Client / Venue-specific requirements
  • Drawings & Schematics
  • Stepped Implementation Programmes & Budgets
  • Ongoing Technical Advice & Support
So whether you are planning a new Performance Venue or Upgrading an Existing Performance Space, PLS have the experience and know-how to help ... no job too big or too small.    Talk to us about how we can help on your project.  You will be pleasantly surprised how easy and affordable the process can become.