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Check out our video link project for Lourdes Hill College.


Lourdes Hill College have a number of fine auditoriums, however none of these is individually large enough to accommodate the whole school cohort at one time in one place. So the College was seeking a way to share audio-visual content consecutively between two auditoriums, so that staff and students could effectively participate in the same Assembly, receiving the same content, hearing the same speeches, etc., despite the audience being housed in two separate buildings.

This was achieved over the College’s existing LAN Network, and also proved to be a simple, cost-effective solution.


Firstly, the following Kramer Products were utilised:


Kramer KDS-EN3 Encoder, Recorder & Streamer:

Most importantly, an H.264 encoder for HDMI signals up to 1080p60. This device provides unicast (one−to−one) or also multicast (one−to−many) streaming to a decoder (or PCs running VLC© software). It can also record content to a network drive for later access.


Kramer KDS-DEC3 Decoder:

An H.264 decoder for encoded signals up to 1080p60, also designed to work with the KDS−EN3 H.264 encoder to provide a high−quality and fully−featured end−to−end video and audio over IP solution.


Kramer VP-770 8-Input ProScale Presentation Switcher / Scaler with Speaker Output:

A high−performance presentation switcher and scaler for composite video, component video, DisplayPort, computer graphics video, and also HDMI signals. It scales the video, embeds the audio and also outputs the signal to HDMI, computer graphics and DGKat twisted pair, together with digital audio, unbalanced stereo and a 10−watt amplified balanced stereo speaker output.


Was exactly what the College was looking for; an efficient and simple way of sharing audio-visual signal between two buildings over the existing LAN Network. The PLS team, ably assisted by Kramer’s technical support staff, sorted through the initial technical issues to demonstrate the solution in situ so the College could see the outcome with their own eyes before committing to the project.

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